NIS America confirmed they are working on Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman 2 for PSP and Atelier Rorona for PlayStation 3. Both games are slated for release in 2010. (Thanks for the tip Darren!!)


Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman 2 is a direct sequel to Badman with more levels, new monsters like golems, and heroes that plant save (read: respawn) points. If you see one of troublemaking heroes poke their save points with your axe! We played the Japanese version of Badman 2 and have impressions here.


Gust’s gorgeous PlayStation 3 game Atelier Rorona is also being localized. In the game you play as Rorona, a shy alchemist given alchemy quests. The game is largely open ended and quite different from the Atelier Iris series. Want to know more? Then read our impressions of Atelier Rorona.

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