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Lost Planet 2 Demo Code Giveaway



    Anyone keen on Lost Planet 2? Capcom are putting the public demo up on Xbox Live and PSN in about two weeks, but we’ve got 20 early-access codes for PS3 and 360 each, for anyone that can’t wait.


    Don’t worry; since these are just demo codes, we won’t make you jump through hoops for them. Here’s how it’ll work:


    1. Everyday, we’ll open a new Facebook thread for demo codes for one of the two consoles. Today’s will PS3, tomorrow’s will be for 360, and so on.

    2. If you want a demo code, all you need to do is make a post in the latest thread (older ones will be deleted once winners from that thread are announced). Ten winners will be selected at random from the latest thread everyday until Thursday.

    3. Don’t post in a thread that pertains to a console you don’t own!


    For any Lost Planet 2 junkies, in a recent interview, Capcom revealed that the demo contains an exclusive weapon — the MG SP, which stuns opponents with a single shot — that carries over into the final game if it detects a demo save file on your console.


    Here’s today’s thread, for PS3 demo codes.


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