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Maglam Lord Character Trailer Stars the Aspiring Hero Darris

Maglam Lord Character Trailer Darris

D3Publisher uploaded a new character focused trailer for Maglam Lord. First on the list is Darris, one of the many characters that will appear in Maglam Lord. This character trailer showcases how Darris will work in combat alongside the demon lord. Additionally, the trailer also features some character moments as the player grows to know the aspiring young hero.

Darris was first revealed in September 2020 alongside his sister, Sharm. However, this is the first time we’ve seen any kind of combat video featuring the hero-to-be. Darris’ special whips up a tornado on the battlefield, which makes quick work of enemies. We also see how Darris interacts with both the male and female player character avatar.

You can watch the Darris character trailer for Maglam Lord below.

Darris will also be one of several marriage candidates for the player character. This system was previously outlined, and the full roster of potential candidates was revealed in December 2020. This list includes his sister, Sharm, the saint Aqlao, and a government recognized “idol” known as Julia to name a few.

Maglam Lord will feature a weapon crafting system. This includes the creation of unique charms for all of the weapons you can create and add to your arsenal.

Maglam Lord will release in Japan on March 18, 2021, for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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