Batman’s regular voice-actor, Kevin Conroy, will not be voicing the character in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins, according to South African publication NAG magazine (via Kotaku).


NAG reports that Warner Bros. Games Montreal chose to go with a younger actor as the game features a younger Batman than we’re used to seeing. Conroy normally voices a Batman that’s well into his prime or beyond.


While Conroy is easily the most well-known Batman voice, he isn’t the only one that has voiced the character. Among several others, Bruce Greenwood voiced the character in Batman: Under the Red Hood while Ben McKenzie voiced him in the Batman: Year One animated feature.


Meanwhile, the latest issue of GamesMaster magazine reports that making Batman scary again is one of the goals for Warner Bros. Games Montreal. The game takes place at a time when the GCPD is corrupt and out to get Batman, and also shows Captain Gordon’s first meeting with him.



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