Mario Kart 7 will support the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass functionality by allowing you to exchange ghost data with other 3DS owners you happen to come across. If you’re in need of online friends to play the game with, you’ll be able to register StreetPass contacts in your Friends List.


Ghost data will also be distributed over SpotPass, using the 3DS Wi-Fi capabilities. The 3DS will automatically download ghosts for you to race against in the game. Series producer, Hideki Konno, confirmed that Wii Sports Resorts’ Wuhu Island will be in Mario Kart 7 as one of the game’s new playable tracks, and that it’ll be one long track instead of the usual three laps.


Metal Mario and Lakitu will be two of several new playable characters. Mario Kart 7 will also have a first-person steering mode using the 3DS tilt functionality, and is slated for release on December 4th in the U.S.


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