In the United Kingdom, Ubisoft’s new franchise, Watch_Dogs, took the top spot on the software sales chart following its release last week. Ubisoft have said that the game is its fastest-selling title ever.


Last week, Ubisoft announced that Watch_Dogs sold more than any title in Ubisoft’s history in its first 24 hours of availability.


Meanwhile, Mario Kart 8 took the #2 spot on the U.K. charts, and boosted Wii U hardware sales by 666% according to GFK Chart-Track, the firm that tracks videogame sales in the United Kingdom. Chart-Track added that the Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle accounted for 82% of Wii U sales for the week.


It remains to be seen how long the game’s effects on hardware sales will last, and how it has performed in other territories. We can expect to see sales figures for Mario Kart 8 in Japan this Wednesday, but U.S. sales figures won’t be available for another couple of weeks.


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