Mario Kart Tour Valentine’s Tour Adds Cherub Baby Peach as a Driver


Yet another Peach alt has arrived alongside the Mario Kart Tour Valentine’s Tour. This time, it is a new look for Baby Peach. She will be cosplaying as Cupid with her Cherub Baby Peach alt, complete with a bow, heart-shaped arrow, and wings.

The special Drivers that will appear in the Pipes gacha this time around have been confirmed. Leading the pack is Cherub Baby Peach, with a Pink Shy Guy also joining the roster. Both Pastry Chef Shy Guy and Vacation Peach will also be returning. Which makes sense, since Paris Promenade will be returning as a track and both of those characters made their debut during the November 2019 Mario Kart Tour Paris Tour. As for other courses, people will see Choco Island 2, Koopa Troopa Beach, and Toad Circuit among this tour’s other tracks.

This means there will be five variations of Peach in Mario Kart Tour. Both Peach and Baby Peach are there. We also have Cherub Baby Peach, Kimono Peach, Pink Gold Peach, Vacation Peach, and Wintertime Peach. (Peachette technically doesn’t count, as she is a version of Toadette.)

Not that Shy Guy is too far behind. People can acquire the standard version, Black Shy Guy, Pastry Chef Shy Guy, and now Pink Shy Guy.

Mario Kart Tour is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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