Marvel Contest of Champions is out today for iOS and Android devices. This is a fighting game where a variety of Marvel heroes and villains fight each other in a tournament hosted by the Collector (who is now a “thing,” thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy).


Controls for Contest of Champions are rather simple, but they work well. As in most fighting games, you have a light attack (tap right side of screen), medium attack (swipe right side of screen) and heavy attack (hold right ride of screen). You can also block (hold left side of screen) and dash (swipe left to right).


Naturally, it isn’t nearly as versatile as a fighting game on consoles would be, but judging by my experience so far, it is kind of fun if you aren’t in the mood for a serious game and want to kill some time in bed or in the bathroom. Plus, it’s free.


At present, Contest of Champions has 25 characters to unlock, and developer Kabam says more will be added over time.


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