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Marvel’s Avengers First War Table Showed Off Co-op Play

Marvels Avengers co-op

Square Enix subsidiary Crystal Dynamics showed off more gameplay for Marvel’s Avengers, this time focusing on how you can customize the Avengers so that you have your own personal loadout. It also looked at some Marvel’s Avengers co-op play between human players.

Essentially, while the story missions can be played in single-player, you are also able to play the story missions in co-op as well alongside several others. There are also additional Warzones missions with story context of their own that focus on co-op.

As for customization, you’ll be able to unlock various costumes based on comics from all across the characters’ history. There will be moves from three different categories: Heroic Moves, Ultimate Moves, and Support Moves. Heroic Moves are based on classic moves seen in comics and are used via charging the Heroic meter via attacks. Ultimate moves take longer to charge, but are extremely powerful. Support moves are useful for helping out allies with buffs or by hindering enemies for others to take out. Finally, in co-op you can do team co-op attacks to take down enemies earlier.

Check out the Wartable presentation. Keep an eye out for the Marvel’s Avengers co-op gameplay:

Another trailer can be watched below:

Marvel’s Avengers will release for the PS4, the Xbox One, and the PC on September 4, 2020. Next-gen versions will launch during the holiday 2020 window.

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