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Mary Skelter Finale Brings Back Mamoru, Hikari, Kaede, Itsuki, and Takumi

Mary Skelter Finale

Compile Heart updated the official website for Mary Skelter Finale with several side characters from past games who will once again play a role in this installment. These side characters are also spread out across the six protagonist groups. The characters (re)introduced this time are Mamoru, Hikari, Kaede, Itsuki, and Takumi.

Editor’s Note: Spoilers for Mary Skelter and Mary Skelter 2 below.

Check out their profiles below:

Jack’s Group

Mamoru (CV: Ryota Osaka)

A young man who lived in the jail cell next to Jack and Alice. He, Jack, and Alice supported each other in the hopes of helping each other survive Jail. Despite having a fierce look, he’s a dependable person who cares about his friends. With his guts and spirit, he helps Jack and the others out by addressing their worries. While usually he does odd jobs around the campground, he’s also a dependable ally of the Blood Maidens behind the scenes. He’s childhood friends with Hikari, and they’re always bickering.

Hikari (CV: Manami Numakura)

Hikari is a young girl who was able to gain angelic powers thanks to the power of Witchcraft. She shared a cell with Mamoru, which was beside Jack and Alice’s cell, and the four of them supported each other in various ways growing up. She has the ability to cheer others up just by being with them. Hikari was the only one with the power to stand against Genocide Pink when the group reached the surface, but she was pierced by a spear thrown by a certain person.

Clara’s Group

Kaede (CV: Masako Miura)

Mary Skelter Finale

One of the people supporting the Blood Maidens from behind the scenes, Kaede is a rough tomboy who’s quick to pick a fight. She was resurrected as a human embodying the thoughts and wishes of the original Dawn members. Usually, she’ll be seen setting up shop at the campground and selling whatever can be useful. She worries about Itsuki, since they’re now traveling apart.

Shira’s Group

Itsuki (CV: Daiki Abe)

An intelligent and calculating man who’s usually calm and adaptable. However, he’s very bad with physical exertion. Itsuki was one of the humans revived with memories of the original Dawn team. Usually, he’ll be in the campground’s research lab, and he researches the Blood Maidens and the surface. He’s childhood friends with Kaede and is constantly treated like a kid by her.

Takumi (CV: Narumi Takashi)

An egotistical eccentric whose manner of speaking changes depending on his current mood. He’s one of the humans resurrected with memories of the original Dawn members. Usually he’s at campground helping to create, improve, and disassemble the weapons used by the Blood Maidens. He used to be part of Dawn’s development division.

Mary Skelter Finale will release for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on October 8, 2020 in Japan. Check out more recently re-introduced characters like Snow White and Kaguya.

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