Medabots Team Leader On How Medabots S Ended Up For Smartphones


Late last month, an interview with leader of Imagineer’s Medabots team Unohee, was released. He explained just how Medabots S ended up being a smartphone game, and how other options are still open. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Here are the highlights:

Please tell us about how the Medabots S project got started.

Unohee, Medabots team leader: “Firstly, if Imagineer were to find the right timing to make another Medabots, I had the responsibility as the one who closed off the previous Imagineer Medabots age to take the lead. Imagineer has always kept the rights to make another Medabots, and didn’t get rid of the copyright either.

I’ve always said since the [Docomo] i-Mode days that it’s better to play Medabots on mobiles. “Wouldn’t it be fun if we could play Medabots on Docomo phones?”, I said. When mobile games like Gree’s took off, and when the iPhone came out, I said, “Shouldn’t we release a Medabots app?”, but it didn’t come to fruition.

And for Medabots S… to put it quite simply, it was just the right timing.”

4Gamer: On the other hand, did you ever want to release a Medabots for home consoles?

Unohee: “It’s true that I hear “I want Medabots to release on PS4″ a lot. Medabots on PS4 definitely would be fun. Medabots R wasn’t really bad… except for its long loading times.”

4Gamer: True, there was some stress thanks to that.

Unohee: “Right? If you could smoothen that out, it could definitely work as a console game.”

4Gamer: Maybe something like a Medabots in VR where you give orders to the Medabots right in front of you…

Unohee: “I think that would work. Actually, I think there are around 3,4000 3D models for the Medabots? There isn’t much content out there with so many 3D models of such cool-looking robots, so I hope there will be the opportunity to have someone make one.” (laughs)

Medabots S will begin service on iOS and Android on January 23, 2020. Late last year, the official Twitter was gauging Nintendo Switch ownership, which you can read about here.

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