Meet Criminal Girls X’s Forgetful Usagi and Mysterious Villain Maya

Criminal Girls X

Mikage LLC shared a new trailer for Escape from Asura, which is known as Criminal Girls X in Japan. It showed off the protagonist’s first meeting with the eponymous criminal girls. The game’s story will be told in the same manner as a visual novel, and there will be voice acting.

The 24 criminal girls are stuck in Asura, a purgatory portion of Hell where those whom are not completely irredeemable are kept. They will be judged to see if they are worthy of reincarnation. The protagonist, who appears in the form of a cat in this world, must help the criminal girls recover their memories to remember and repent for their crimes in their previous lives.

In particular, the trailer focused on Usagi, a young girl who has forgotten her real name and other basic life skills like how to read. It also offered a glimpse of a mysterious figure who seems to be the villain of the game and is named Maya. At the very end, it showed Maya meeting Usagi and giving her a book that tells the story of a beautiful blue bird who was left alone because everyone else died.

Check it out:

Criminal Girls X will release in Japan on Android devices first on October 8, 2020. The iOS version will arrive later on November 17, 2020. The game will also eventually be available on PCs. A single-player, offline version is in development. A Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 version will be released outside Japan as Escape from Asura.

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