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Meet The Members Of Team Magma In Pokémon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire


    The official website for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has shared further details on key members of Team Magma and Team Aqua. You can find information on the Team Magma characters below, along with the relevant screenshots. Team Aqua information can be found here.


    Team Magma Leader Maxie:

    Maxie is the leader of Team Magma, the team seeking a world ideal for humanity. He pays attention to even the smallest of details, and is quite sensitive in some regards. He has a habit of describing situations in numerical terms. He possesses a cool-headed outlook, thinking that some sacrifices cannot be avoided if he is to achieve his goals. Maxie is a Mega Evolution user, and he wears a pair of Mega Glasses, set with a mysterious Key Stone needed to Mega Evolve his Pokémon.



    Team Magma Admin Tabitha:

    Tabitha normally has a benign expression on his face, but when he gets worked up, his eyes become shrewd and his gaze is as sharp as a knife. His natural inclination to be helpful has apparently made him very popular with the Grunts. There are rumors that he has his sights set on becoming the leader of Team Magma.



    Team Magma Admin Courtney:

    Courtney is a former scientist. She is known to have a brilliant mind, and she adores Maxie. She does not speak often, and shows little interest in much of what goes on around her—or even her own situation. Her personality is such that once her interest in someone or something is awakened, she will pursue it tirelessly. As you stand in Team Magma’s way time and again, she begins to take an interest in you…


    Mega Camerupt (Used by Maxie):

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