Mega Sableye will make its debut in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, and The Pokémon Company have shared further information on the creature on the games’ official website. Here’s his profile:


Sableye has concentrated all of the energy from its Mega Evolution into the red jewel on its chest, which increases in size and detaches from its body. This enlarged jewel boasts incredible hardness, and it is said that no attack can even make a scratch on it!


When Sableye Mega Evolves, its Defense and Sp. Attack stats both get big boosts. Its Speed stat does decrease slightly, perhaps because of the weight of its huge jewel. Thanks to its Magic Bounce Ability, any moves that affect only stats or status conditions will be bounced back at its attacker.


Mega Sableye will retain its Dark/Ghost element type. Just how and where you’ll find the Mega Evolution stone required to evolve Sableye is unknown, though.


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