Meet Some More Tales of Graces Characters



Lately, every Tales fan has been looking at the new game for the series, Tales of Graces, for Wii, set for release in winter of 2009. Famitsu released a few more details relating to new characters and hints about the re-vamped battle system.


New to the battle system is an option called “Style Shift,” where, with the press of a button, players can change a character’s equipment, spells, and battle style depending on the situation. For example, Cheria can fight physically with daggers, or she can stay back and focus on healing and support spells. Hubert, on the other hand, can either fight using two blades, or he can swap those blades for two guns.


Although this doesn’t sound like a newcomers, old Tales fans should remember that previous battle systems allowed for blocking and backstepping when an enemy attacked. In this game, a new feature is added –- sidestepping. Not only does this allow you to dodge, you can attack the enemy’s unprotected flank!


The first new character introduced is Cheria Barnes, voiced by Shiho Kawaragi. She is the granddaughter of the butler to the Lhant family, and a childhood friend to Asbel Lhant, the protagonist. She has a reliable personality, although she can’t really stop acting shy around Asbel due to certain *cough* feelings. She wants to do her best to help out the Lhants because she’s lived with them all her life.


Her Mystic Arte (called this because Tales translations haven’t been consistent, so I’m taking Tales of the Abyss’ translations for now) is called Alterism Line, in which she throws all the daggers she has hidden up her sleeves. The attack seems to affect a wide area.


Some of her other moves are Thunderbolt and Nurse, as can be expected from a mage.


The second is Hubert Ozwell, voiced by Takahiro Mizushima. He’s actually Asbel’s younger brother by one year. When he was little, he used to be nice, quiet kid, but as he grew up he started to discipline himself into being stronger. Now, he is a Major in the Strata Army. He always seems to be depressed when he’s around his brother for some reason.


His Mystic Arte is Instant Waltz, in which the two swords split and become two guns and all enemies are hit. One of his normal skills is Raigashourai, probably translated as Thunder Fang Rush, performed with his swords, and another is Rail Arrow, a skill utilizing his guns.