Meet The Characters Of PSP Retro RPG Mystic Chronicles


    Natsume are localizing Kemco’s retro RPG, Mystic Chronicles, for the PSP, and this week they provided a brief summary of the game’s story and its main cast of characters. Let’s begin with the summary:


    Mystic Chronicles follows the story of a mysterious youth, Lux, adopted by a small village. Lux has just begun his training to join the Holos Guild, a society charged with ridding the world of troublemakers.  However, a chance meeting with a young girl sets in motion a series of events that sets Lux on a far more serious quest than just defeating ornery forest creatures! Could Lux end up being the savior of the entire world?!


    And now onto the game’s main cast of characters:


    Lux is the main character of Mystic Chronicles, and the player will control him for the majority of the game.  This young man may seem like a simple village boy, but he’s surrounded by a mysterious past that may come back to haunt him.  He’s very close to his sister, Fina.


    Tina is a nun who players will meet early in the story.  Strangely, this woman of the cloth looks a lot like Lux’s sister, Fina.  Is there some sort of connection between the two ladies?  Lux is determined to find out.


    Ray is a mysterious member of the ancient Dark Clan—and whether that connection will be blessed or cursed remains to be seen.



    Alberto has known Lux since he was a child. A mentor to the youth and a captain in the Holos Guild, Alberto’s guidance will become pivotal in some of the difficult decisions Lux’s journey will lead him to make.


    Corona is a young girl Lux meets in Holos. She’s unhappy with her home life, and Lux looks like the perfect escape!  She can be a bit precocious, and her roots are a mystery.  Where did this girl come from exactly?


    Each character in Mystic Chronicles can have a Guardian Beast, and the its AI set to offensive, defensive, or healing. You can mix and match Guardian Beasts among your party members, and Natsume introduced two of these as well.


    Lucius is one of the most powerful Guardian Beasts in the world, and comes to Lux’s aid at his most desperate hour.


    Baron is a female Guardian Beast, whose primary charge is Corona.  She’s not simply a protector to the young girl, but often acts like a mother figure to her as well.  How did these two form such an unusual bond, and will it survive the trials ahead?


    Mystic Chronicles is slated for release in North America this Summer. The game is a port of an iOS RPG called Fantasy Chronicles. Natsume are giving the game a new localization on the PSP.

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