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Meet the Rune Factory 5 Marriage Candidates

Rune Factory 5 Fuqua

A total of twelve marriage candidates have been revealed for Rune Factory 5. Marvelous shared two new biographies and images for a bachelor and bachelorette through the official Rune Factory 5 website. Naturally, this means that marriage and children will be making a return. Players will be able to choose from the characters listed to below to woo. [Thanks, Gamer!]

First, we’ll look at the female marriage candidates for Rune Factory 5. There are currently a total of six bachelorettes the players will be able to choose from.

Priscilla (CV Inori Minase)

As gentle and as bright as the sun, Priscilla was born and raised in Rigbarth. Though she frequently makes mistakes, her cheerful demeanor makes it easy to forgive her. Due to a past incident, she is afraid of leaving Rigbarth, but is trying to overcome that fear.

Scarlett (CV Aya Suzuki)

She is a half-elven girl who currently works as a member of Seed. She is an elite mercenary who wants to follow in the footsteps of her father. She has a serious demeanor, but struggles to keep her composure.

Lucy (CV Yuka Iguchi)

Lucy is Priscilla’s childhood friend, and she loves to exercise. She watches over Priscilla to keep her from danger. She hates to lose and will always challenge the protagonist to various contests. She easily becomes close friends with others, but can just as easily feel lonely.

Fuqua (CV Aki Toyosaki)

Fuqua is a wereanimal girl that traveled to various lands before coming to Rigbarth. She seemed harsh before arriving at the town, but now she laughs at how she used to be. She cannot speak, read, or write in the human language, but can somehow tell if she is being lied to. She has an honest personality.

Ludmila (CV Sumire Morohoshi)

Ludmila is a succubus who lives for love. Ludmila is selfish girl who who loves to do things last minute and seems to be obsessed with the main character. While she seems selfish, she is serious and has her own ways of doing things. Being a succubus, she used to make people unhappy and, because of this, there is a divide between her and the others.

Beatrice (CV Tomoyo Kurosawa)

Beatrice is a young woman who has some association with the Kingdom of Norad, but appears to keep her true identity hidden. She has a strong sense of responsibility and has numerous talents including playing musical instruments and riding monsters. She didn’t intend on staying in Rigbarth, but after meeting the hero and being touched by the kindness of the townspeople her feelings have changed.

Now that we’ve covered the bases for the current female marriage candidates in Rune Factory 5, we’ll provide images and biographies for the male marriage candidates. There are currently six bachelors announced for the game.

Martin (CV Jun Fukuyama)

He’s a craftsman apprentice that aims to become the best blacksmith. He is quiet, which leads to people believe he is unfriendly, but there are rumors that he secretly names his favorite tools. Martin always thinks about blacksmithing, but after meeting the hero, his world changes.

Reinhard (CV Natsuki Hanae)

He’s a young knight who has pledged his allegiance to the Kingdom of Norad. He is proficient in politics and is quite capable, but his reason for visiting Rigbarth is unknown. He has a strong sense of duty, which causes everyone to rely on him. However, he may show a different side of himself to the hero.

Cecile (CV Ayumu Murase)

The younger brother of Martin, Cecile is an innocent young man who aspires to become a detective. He is a curious young man that can turn any situation into a case with his “Power of Delusion,” and gets along well with the hero. As he grew up, he began to grow distant from his brother, but he still cares for Martin. He wants to become a detective to search for his missing parents.

Murakumo (CV Shunsuke Takeuchi)

Murakumo is a young wereanimal who runs the only inn in Rigbarth. Though he is rough, he is empathetic and chivalrous. His desire to entertain his customers often runs his business into the red, due to providing them with extra services. Upon meeting the hero, he uses advice from customer’s perspective to help revamp his inn.

Lucas (CV Shotaro Morikubo)

Lucas is a mysterious traveler who appeared in Rigbarth that suffers from amnesia. He keeps record of anything of interest within a notebook that he carries with him. Although he has lost his memory, he still retains some knowledge and is a connoisseur of items like ore.

Lyka (CV Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)

Lyka is a young apprentice carpenter. He is proficient in his craft, as he is dexterous and nimble. During the day, he appears to be absent minded, however at night he shows a cooler, more serious side.

Rune Factory 5 will launch for the Nintendo Switch in Japan on May 20, 2021. A Western release is planned for 2021.

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