We already know a few things about Catherine protagonist, Vincent. Vincent’s a 32-year-old salaryman lacking in ambition…but, somehow, not in charm. One night, Vincent ends up cheating on his girlfriend when he’s seduced by another woman about ten years his junior. Shortly thereafter, his life turns to hell.


But Vincent has friends, too! The four of them hang out together at the Stray Sheep bar. Here’s a glimpse at three of them:



Age: 32
Occupation: Software Engineer


Orlando is an old friend of Vincent’s. A free-spirited type of guy, Orlando is skeptical when it comes to the idea of marriage. Vincent is torn between Orlando’s advice against marriage and his own personal ideals.



Age: 32
Occupation: Used car salesman


Catherine’s intro movie revealed that the game’s voice-cast was going to include none other than — surprise, surprise! — seiyuu fangirl sensation, Takehito Koyasu. Jonathan, nicknamed “Johnny,” is the character he’s voicing.


Jonathan’s an old bachelor friend of Vincent’s and is a regular at the bar. He works at his father’s used car business and plans to succeed his father someday. Jonathan, unlike Orlando, has strong ideals regarding marriage.



Age: 23
Occupation: Used car salesman


And finally you have Tobias, nicknamed “Toby.”


Toby is Johnny’s co-worker, and the youngest of Vincent’s circle of bar-mates. Another regular at the bar, Tobias has an unusually strong desire to get married. He likes older women and seems to have a thing for one of the waitresses at the bar.


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