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Meet Your Rival Ninjas In Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls


    It’s been a while since we heard any news of Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls, so let’s take a look at some new characters and screenshots to fix that. The characters below are some of the rival ninjas you’ll face in Senran Kagura.


    These ninjas attend Viper Academy, and are the equals of the Hanzo Academy ninjas that you play as. Judging by some of the screenshots and the way their portraits are lined up on Marvelous’ website, each ninja has their own rival on the opposing team. We’ve included links to their respective pages on the game’s website where you can listen to voice samples as well.





    Birthday: March 1st

    Blood type: Unknown

    Height: 163 cm

    Measurements: B87 W57 H85

    Hobby: Fighting

    Favourite food: Japanese-style meals

    Profile page



    Birthday: February 10th

    Blood type: B

    Height: 160 cm

    Measurements: B95 W58 H90

    Hobby: Knitting

    Favourite food: Bean sprouts

    Profile page




    Birthday: September 9th

    Blood type: Unknown

    Height: 160 cm

    Measurements: B85 W57 H85

    Hobby: None

    Favourite food: None

    Profile page




    Birthday: December 28th

    Blood type: Unknown

    Height: 150 cm

    Measurements: B62 W48 H59

    Hobby: Internet

    Favourite food: Stew

    Profile page




    Birthday: July 20th

    Blood type: Unknown

    Height: 169 cm

    Measurements: B99 W55 H88

    Hobby: Doll-making

    Favourite food: Sweetened Kombu

    Profile page


    While the Hanzo Academy ninjas — the “good guys” — are lead by Kiriya, the identity of your rivals’ leader is unknown. Unless Marvelous decide to reveal him beforehand, folks will have to wait until the game’s release in September to find out.


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