Mega Drive Mini To Reveal More Titles Before E3 2019; Sega CD And Saturn Minis Are Still A Big Maybe



The Mega Drive/Genesis Mini is a few months away from release but it still has plenty of titles that have yet to be revealed. Sega Chief Contents Officer Hiroyuki Miyazaki shared more in an interview with Famitsu. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]

Here are some quotes from the interview:

  • (On when they made the Mega Drive Mini announcement). “I think we might’ve announced it too early [laughs].”


  • “When we asked fans to vote between titles, people yelled at us saying just put them all in. I thought we’d get praised for that, but yeah. [Laughs]”


  • “There are some things that we simply can’t depict in this day. We wouldn’t make edits that could affect the title as a whole, but there are some small fixes that we were able to do. But they’re things you wouldn’t notice if you look at them as original games.”


  • “There are some titles that came with quite the hefty volume of text that needed revision too!”


  • “The next fresh batch of information regarding the title lineup will be revealed in the April 18 issue of Famitsu. Video game magazines are what connected the fans and publishers during the golden age of the Mega Drive. So, it’s only fitting to have it announced in a video game magazine.”


  • “A while after that we’ll have 10 titles announced in a separate event/program, then another 10 at the end just before E3.”


  • “Mega-CD (Sega CD) titles will not be in the mix. We might do a Sega CD Mini if the Mega Drive Mini sells a whoooole bunch, then just maybe.”


  • “As for a Sega Saturn Mini, the balance of cost and technology is still far from certain.”


  • “We might have a little something for Tokyo Game Show 2019.”


  • “(The Mega Drive Mini) isn’t something that can be easily produced, so please be sure to pre-order. [Laughs]”


Mega Drive Mini releases worldwide in September 19, 2019. Check our previous report for a look at its latest trailers highlighting the hardware and software.

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