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Sega Holds Launch Party For Mega Drive Mini; Reveals Hidden 43rd Game Kiss Shot And More

By Alistair . September 19, 2019 . 4:00pm

Yesterday, Sega hosted a livestream at Sega’s Mega Drive Mini launch party, where a hidden 43rd game in the Japanese edition, and some extra goodies included with the Mega Drive Tower Mini were revealed.

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Sega’s Yosuke Okunari On Gauging Demand For Genesis Mini And M2’s Involvement

By Alistair . August 27, 2019 . 5:00pm

Dengeki Online has released an interview with Sega’s Yosuke Okunari, who talked a bit about trouble with gauging demand for the Mega Drive Mini/Genesis Mini, as well as how M2 got involved.

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Mega Drive Mini Delayed A Couple Weeks In Europe To October 4, 2019

By Sato . July 29, 2019 . 7:00am

The European release of the Mega Drive Mini was scheduled for a September 19 release alongside the Japanese and North American versions, but Sega announced that it has been delayed to October 4, 2019.

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The Mega Drive Mini Goes Over Its Features, Functions, And Included Games In New Trailers

By Alistair . June 26, 2019 . 9:52am

Sega has released two new trailers for the Mega Drive Mini, which shows off its physical features, features, as well as the games included in this Japanese release.

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The Mega Drive Mini Is Getting A Special Version Complete With All The Extra Add-Ons

By Alistair . June 4, 2019 . 4:19pm

During today’s livestream, apart from the final ten games, Sega also revealed a special version of the Mega Drive Mini that includes all the add-on parts to form the Mega Drive Tower Mini.

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Mega Drive Mini And Genesis Mini’s Final 12 Games Includes Cancelled Darius And Tetris Games

By Alistair . June 4, 2019 . 6:27am

The Mega Drive Mini and Genesis Mini’s final game lineup have been revealed, giving a better view at how the versions stack up. Additionally, two extra games that were cancelled will be included in the collecction.

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Mega Drive Mini And Sega Genesis Mini’s Third Batch Of Games Revealed

By Alistair . May 16, 2019 . 6:30am

Today, the third batch of games to be included on the Mega Drive Mini was revealed on livestream, and it includes Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Street Fighter II’ Plus, Phantasy Star IV, The Revenge of Shinobi, and more.

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The Next 10 Japanese Sega Genesis Mini Games Will Be Announced On May 16, 2019

By Jenni . May 10, 2019 . 8:35am

Sega Genesis Mini Games 21-30 will be revealed during a Dengeki live stream event on May 16, 2019.

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Sega Genesis Mini’s Next 10 Games Includes Earthworm Jim And Shinobi III

By Jenni . April 18, 2019 . 7:00am

The next group of Sega Genesis Mini titles has been announced, with Earthworm Jim, Shinobi III, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 showing up.

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Sega Mega Drive Mini’s Next 10 Games Include Landstalker, Dyna Brothers 2: Sega Channel Special

By Jenni . April 18, 2019 . 5:45am

The Japanese version of the Sega Mega Drive Mini will include games like Landstalker and Dyna Brothers 2: Sega Channel Special, as well as the rare Game no Kanzume Otokuyo compilation.

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Mega Drive Mini To Reveal More Titles Before E3 2019; Sega CD And Saturn Minis Are Still A Big Maybe

By Sato . April 3, 2019 . 8:45am

The Mega Drive/Genesis Mini is a few months away from release but it still has plenty of titles that have yet to be revealed. Sega Chief Contents Officer Hiroyuki Miyazaki shared more in an interview with Famitsu.

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Mega Drive Mini Trailers Introduce The Mini Console And Its First Set Of Games For Japan

By Sato . April 3, 2019 . 8:00am

Sega released a couple new videos that introduce the Mega Drive Mini to the Japanese audience, with one trailer made for the device itself and another for its first batch of titles.

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Sega Mega Drive Mini To Have Asia-Specific Version With Sword of Vermilion And More

By Alistair . April 2, 2019 . 9:30am

Sega Games has released more information on an Asian version of the Mega Drive Mini that has some titles that are (as of now) exclusive to it.

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Sega Genesis Mini Reveals Details Plus First Ten Included Games

By Alistair . March 30, 2019 . 11:36am

Right on the heels of the reveal of the first ten games for the Japanese region Mega Drive Mini, Sega has released information on the Sega Genesis Mini, including what games are included.

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Mega Drive Mini Launches Worldwide September 19; Included Titles To Differ By Region

By Alistair . March 30, 2019 . 1:44am

During Sega Fes 2019 it was announced that the Mega Drive Mini and Genesis Mini will release worldwide on September 19, featuring 40 games total including Castlevania: Bloodlines.

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