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Mega Man Battle Network NetNavi That Have Better Designs Than Their Classic Counterparts

The Mega Man series and its spin-offs have brought some of the best and worst character designs you can imagine. Mega Man Battle Network gave fans dozens of fresh NetNavi designs to compare to the classic series.

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Best NetNavi Designs in Mega Man Battle Network

The NetNavis in Mega Man Battle Network are primarily reimaginings of classic Mega Man Robot Masters. Of course, translating their iconic designs into the cyber world. Because of the tactical combat of the series, developers could also redesign characters without worrying about things like balance and hitboxes.

While many designs remain true to their roots, others have had some bold changes. Sometimes these bold swings work out, and you get an entirely elevated design. Then, of course, there’s a few that really missed the mark on the redesign. However, we won’t be highlighting any of those today. (Ugh. SwordMan.EXE).

I personally think the best Battle Network NetNavi designs are those that build on strengths already present in the classic design. Let’s delve into a few of the standout NetNavi whose designs surpass their classic counterparts.

Quick Man

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The original Quick Man, being based on Elec Man’s design, was bulkier than what you might expect from a character meant to embody speed. The Battle Network redesign addresses this by streamlining Quick Man’s appearance. This makes him look more aerodynamic and, you know, quick. His sleeker, more agile design better captures the essence of his name and overall looks more polished.

Metal Man

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Metal Man’s Battle Network redesign feels like a natural evolution of the classic character. The new design makes him appear even more menacing and powerful. They really just dialed up his already great classic look. With sharper features and a more intimidating presence, this version of Metal Man looks like he’ll take more than just one Metal Blade to stop.

Shark Man

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This one might be a bit of a cheat since Shark Man was only a Robot Master in the obscure Mega Man 3 DOS game. Additionally, his design was just a crude mashup of Snake Man and Gemini Man’s sprites. However, in the Battle Network series, Shark Man’s design is much more refined and dynamic. He embodies the sleek, predatory essence of a shark, making him feel more authentic and fitting for his name.

Top Man

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Top Man’s look in Battle Network is a wild departure from his classic design, but it works. Originally, Top Man was just some guy with a top on his head. In Battle Network, he’s reimagined as an old man with a sweet pipe, giving him a unique personality and charm that the original design lacked. This creative redesign adds depth to a character that was initially quite basic.

Tengu Man

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The classic Tengu Man had a rounded design that did evoke a Tengu but felt somewhat generic. The Battle Network version, however, adopts sharper edges and a more regal appearance, making him look more like the mythical creature he’s based on. This redesign feels like a natural and wiser evolution of the character.

These redesigns in the Battle Network series show how reimagining classic characters can lead to fresh, exciting interpretations that capture the spirit of the originals while elevating their designs.

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