Mega Man Legends Staff Working On Red Ash, Kickstarter Up



Comcept have announced Red Ash, an action RPG with third-person shooter elements that they intend to fund via Kickstarter, similar to Mighty No. 9. The goal of the game, they say, is to inject more “modern design elements” into the classic action adventure RPG formula. And yes, there are Mega Man Legends staff members involved. Here’s what you need to know:


  • Red Ash takes place in a world where, as a result of the Robot World War, humanity has been driven to the brink of extinction. It exists in a state where it constantly has to battle feral robotic weapons in a world of ruin and wastelands.


  • Lost Technology—the precious legacies of a forgotten era—have enabled humanity to rebuild society to some extent. A wealthy class has emerged, helping expand these newly formed cities, and living in opulence. Their livelihoods are supported by Delvers, brave adventurers that search the wastelands for Lost Technology.


  • Danger looms over hundreds of thousands who make the city of Great Slope their home. The Mobile Citadel “KalKanon” is currently on a crash course with this city. At this rate, a major disaster is all but unavoidable.


The main character is Beck, and his goal is to infiltrate the interior of the Mobile Citadel KalKanon, exploring its village, castle, and dungeons, and stop the city. Along the way, he must also investigate a mysterious witch that lurks in KalKanon.


Two other characters in addition to Beck are his partner Tyger and a girl named Call, who runs a shop called Bones Agency inside Great Slope. Call is a mechanic that specializes in buying Lost Technology excavated by Delvers and crafting it into weapons. Over the years, she’s sent Beck and Tyger on a number of missions.


Here’s a list of known staff members working on Red Ash:


Executive Producer: Keiji Inafune (Mighty No. 9, Mega Man Legends)

Art Director: Kazushi Ito (Mega Man Legends, Ape Escape 3)

Game Director: Masahiro Yasuma (Mega Man Legends, Battle Network)

Lead Background Artist: Miki Kijima (Mega Man Legends, Battle Network)

UI Designer: Yukiko Kawanabe (Mega Man Legends, Lost Planet)

Supervisor: Tom-Pon (Mighty No. 9)

Composer: Manami Matsumae (Mighty No. 9, Shovel Knight)

Sound: Shusaku Uchiyama (Mega Man 8, Resident Evil 4)

Producer: Yoichi Ono (Mighty No. 9)

Asst. Producer: Joshua Weatherford (Playism)


HYDE Inc. is working with Comcept on Red Ash. The game is caled Red Ash: The Indelible Legend. Meanwhile, anime house Studio 4°C is working on an animated series titled Red Ash the Animation: Magicicada. Both projects are being handled independently of one another and both are being funded via Kickstarter.


Comcept are asking $800,000 in Kickstarter funds for Red Ash. The game is in development for PC, and a copy can be procured by pledging $25 or more. Meanwhile, Studio 4°C are asking $150,000 for the anime. The animated series will combine 2D and 3D animation techniques.

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