Mega Man X DiVE Shows Off X and a Mysterious Zero in Its Latest Trailer


Capcom Taiwan released a new trailer for Mega Man X DiVE, the upcoming 2D platforming game that’s currently in the pre-registration phase in Asia. The company also revealed more info on which regions the game will be initially playable in, and more.

Let’s start with the trailer first. Apart from showing off new art for X’s armor, it also shows off some of the enemies you’ll have to face alongside short bits of gameplay. At the very end, a mysterious Zero-like figure is seen who might be a character original to the game.

X, in particular, was also featured in a short video introducing his abilities, such as the Charge Shot and Tracking Missile. You can check that out below:

While there has been some confusion over which regions the game will be available in initially, Capcom Taiwan has reiterated that the game will launch in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia. Three languages will be available in the game: Traditional Chinese, English, and Thai.

Late, late in 2019, Capcom Taiwan revealed a fan survey of the regions that followers of the Facebook page were from. According to them, the next regions that the game will launch in are being evaluated.

Regarding the game’s fan weapons design contest, Capcom Taiwan has chosen three candidates for the final judging process. The final winner will be added as a new weapon in the game after it launches.

Finally, a Valentine’s Day image featuring the game’s brand new support Reploid, RiCO, was shared today:

Mega Man X DiVE is in development for iOS and Android devices. The game is open for pre-registration in Asia and has a Q1 2020 launch window.

Alistair Wong
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