Mega Man X Force Armor Kit Will Suit Up in January 2021

Mega Man X Force Armor model kit Mega Man Model Kit

The next Kotobukiya Mega Man model kit has been revealed and dated. This next time, people are going to be able to build a Mega Man X4 icon. The Mega Man X Force Armor kit will be released in January 2021and cost $69.99.

In case this figure looks familiar, but is leaving you scratching your head, the Mega Man X Force Armor is also known as Fourth Armor. As people would go through the game, you’d be able to find different parts. For example, you could find the helmet in Cyber Peacock’s stage if you were quick enough.

This Mega Man X model is designed to be customizable. This is an articulated figure that is easily posable. People can switch up the arm parts with the X-Buster. There are also three face plates that show Mega Man scowling, smiling, and yelling. Also, as these figures are interchangeable, people who have collected past Kotobukiya Mega Man model kits can swap parts around.

Here are some pictures of how the finished model will look.

There is also a pre-order promotion. Should someone buy directly through Kotobukiya, they can get a special background. It is an Omega Man X Force Armor stage background you can use for display purposes.

The Mega Man X Force Armor model from Kotobukiya will be released in January 2021.

Jenni Lada
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