Mega Man Xtreme 2 is out on the Nintendo eShop for 3DS today in North America, and the game costs $4.99.


The game is a follow-up to Mega Man Xtreme and, similar to the other Game Boy Mega Man titles, re-uses ideas from Mega Man X games on consoles. Both X and Zero are playable, and you can unlock an “Xtreme” difficulty that lets you play as either character whenever you want.


Beating the Xtreme mode further unlocks the Boss Attack mode, where you can fight the eight bosses from Xtreme 2 and the bosses from Mega Man Xtreme as well.


Also available today in North America for the Wii U Virtual Console is KLONOA: Empire of Dreams. The game has already been released on the Virtual Console in Europe.


Update: Whoops! We said 3DS Virtual Console instead of Wii U in the case of Klonoa. We’ve rectified the error. Sorry for any shattered dreams!


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