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Metal Gear Solid V Will Be Open World And Have Online Multiplayer


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will adopt an episodic structure for its story, series creator Hideo Kojima revealed at E3, according to a Polygon report. As with many other recent games, Metal Gear Solid V’s creator likened it to a television series.


To go along with the episodic structure, Metal Gear Solid V will be broken up into missions, which you’ll be able to play in a sequence of your choosing.


“Each mission is an episode,” Kojima said. “Now there might be independent stories within each mission. Of course it’s not linear, you can play any mission, any episode at any time. But ultimately when you play all of them and get to the core of the story, everyone will get the same viewpoint [of the story].”


Meanwhile, speaking with CVG, Kojima confirmed that Metal Gear Solid V will be an open-world game.


“You’re given a mission and in order to execute this mission you need to plan, strategise and execute,” Kojima shared. “There are many ways to do this; all the freedom is up to you and there are no rules lined out like the linear games in the past.”


“Distance is a very big factor as well. In the new trailer you saw Snake riding a horse, but you can also walk to a mission or take another mode of transport. But by the time you walk to the base, it might be dark. So that ruins or changes your strategy. Equally if you go by horse it might be day still, so you have to think an execute based on the time of day too.”


The game will also include an online multiplayer mode, which is being worked on by Konami’s Los Angeles studio.


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