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Metal Max 3 English Fan Translation Rolls Out After 5 Years

Metal Max 3

An English fan translation patch for Metal Max 3 on Nintendo DS has been released by the fan translation group Metal Dreamers. According to the group, this has been a project five years in the making.

Metal Max 3 was the first game in the Metal Max series revival, as the series was left dormant after the second entry on the SNES. Like the other installments, this is a story about humans (and dogs) fighting enemies in tanks on a post-apocalyptic Earth, which was left destroyed after a great calamity. The protagonist of this title is a red-headed young man who wakes up in a mad scientist’s lab, apparently revived from the dead. In order to find out who he is and how he died, he sets off into the wilderness. While the protagonist has been modified so that he’s strong even without a tank, he’ll be able to recruit other party members, who each have their own roles to play in battle. Of course, series staple Pochi the dog is also one of them.

One of the biggest features in the series is tank customization, and it’s here in full force with some of the wackiest designs in the series. The game also includes online play against others in local wireless communication.

Check out some screenshots:

You can also check out a fan-subbed trailer for the game from Metal Dreamers below:

You can find the translation patch here.

Metal Max 3 originally released on the Nintendo DS in Japan.

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