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Metroid Dread Free Update Will Add Two Difficulty Levels

metroid dread update

During the Nintendo Direct on February 9, 2022, Nintendo announced the first major update for Metroid Dread. It will go live in the Nintendo eShop as soon as the stream is over, and will not cost money. The Metroid Dread update will include two new difficulty levels: Dread Mode and Rookie Mode. These two modes will also become available in the demo version of the game.

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In the trailer for Dread Mode, we can see just how easy it is to die. Even the simplest of attacks or the most inconsequential of damage end with Samus’s armor disintegrating, resulting in a game over. Meanwhile, Rookie Mode will implement a higher rate of recovery from items, making the game far more forgiving for beginners or those who are not good with action games. This Metroid Dread update will fulfill the needs of both players who desire a challenge, and those who are more interested in getting through the game.

In addition to Dread Mode and Rookie Mode, another Metroid Dread update is slated for April 2022. This update will include Boss Rush Mode, in which you face off against boss after boss without any breathers. More information on Boss Rush Mode, as well as any other modes that may appear in that update, will appear in the near future.

Metroid Dread is readily available on the Nintendo Switch. Its amiibo is also available worldwide.

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