Developer Epic Minds have posted another quick update on the current status of Midora’s upcoming Early Access release on Steam.


Midora will see its first Early Access build sometime during the first half of June. Instead of containing just one dungeon, it will now consist of five areas. Here’s how they’re described on Epic Minds’ blog:


  • The Solar Temple: there will be one closed level with several doors, acting as a hub to reach the other testing levels. There’s also a puzzle.
  • The Morning Grove: a simple forest map with an abandoned house (unlocked!) and the burial mound. Spiders? Mayyyyybe!
  • The abandoned house: it’s abandoned.
  • The burial mound: Rumor has it that some dragon bones from the ancient war are still in the dirt, somewhere far into the cave. Also golems.
  • Unnamed level to showcase some new particle effects!


The protagonist Snow will be able to attack, roll, jump, throw water bombs, craft and use runes, bomb enemies, and push blocks in the Early Access build. We’ll have more details on Midora’s Early Access release as it is shared.


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