While their focus is on Shantae for the moment, the Mighty Switch Force series isn’t over yet, according to WayForward Technologies. In an “Ask Me Anything” fan Q&A on Reddit, staff from the studio addressed a couple of questions regarding the series.


When asked if WayForward would develop another Might Switch Force game in the future, with more of a focus on protagonist Patricia Wagon’s story, WayForward’s Matt Bozon replied, “Persoanally I’d love to. She was originally supposed to transform into vehicles.”


He continued, “It would be pretty cool to bring back the ideas that were too grand for a puzzle game. Getting into the robot… stuff like that is just the tip of the robotic iceberg if it were a full fleged [sic] action game.”


In reply to a similar question later in the Q&A, Bozon reiterated, “I could see us doing it. There’s no shortage of ideas or enthusiasm.”


While no new Mighty Switch Force games appear to be in development at the moment, WayForward are remaking Mighty Switch Force 2 for the Wii U with a different art style.


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