illwA Japan/Asian region coded Xbox 360 is *the* system for shooter enthusiasts. But, the Wii isn’t a bad alternative with a host of virtual console games, Gradius ReBirth, and sporadic releases from Milestone. They bundled three of their arcade games together as Milestone Shooting Collection Karous Wii – aka Ultimate Shooting Collection when it gets released outside of Japan earlier this year. It looks like Illvelo / Illmatic Envelope will be next. Multiple retailers, including Play-Asia who has a good reputation for leaking dates, confirm the product is set to launch on November 13.


Illvelo Wii will be a faithful port of the arcade game with original modes. And by “original modes” I mean mini-games. If you haven’t heard of the game before take a look at this video. The colorful style reminds me of Magic Pengel.




Images courtesy of Milestone.

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