Milon’s SNES adventure, FDS ping pong coming to the Virtual Console?


drmfmnddd.png The latest update to Australia's OFLC website reveals an interesting bit of information. There's a rating now listed for Do Re Mi Fantasy: Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken, the super-cute SNES sequel to Milon's Secret Castle. What's interesting about this is that the game was never released outside of Japan. Could this mean that more import games are coming to the Virtual Console soon? It's not a huge surprise, honestly. Anyone could guess that Nintendo would continue putting import games on the VC. Do Re Mi Fantasy seems like an odd choice, though. The game is really skewed more towards younger players. I don't really believe that this is one import title that Wii owners will be flooding the Shop Channel server to get. Then again, who knows? Perhaps there's more hardcore Milon fans out there than I know!


Also added is Smash Ping Pong for the…Famicom Disk System? That's right, it looks as if FDS games will be appearing on the Virtual Console in the near future. Smash Ping Pong is notable for being produced by Shigeru Miyamoto himself. One has to wonder, though, how the Virtual Console will handle FDS emulation. Some FDS games required the disk be turned to side 2 once the initial loading of the game was completed. It will also be interesting to see if the FDS will be added as a new system, or if FDS games will just be lumped in with the NES games, as the TG-CD games are lumped in with the TG-16 games.