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Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition Hits One Million In Japanese Sales



Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition has been selling consistently well since its release in Japan last year, and Famitsu reports that its total sales numbers have surpassed one million units.


Those of you who keep up with our This Week in Sales column might’ve seen its much lower figure of 762,839 from Media Create. Famitsu’s numbers include both retail and download numbers and they’ve reported that as of April 24, 2016 the total sales figure is at 1,001,468 units since its release in March 19, 2015.


Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition is popular amongst elementary and middle school students in Japan, and it has gotten enough push over the past year to make it the representative title for the PlayStation Vita as its top-seller.


Again, the game on PlayStation 3 (digital only) and PlayStation 4 (digital and retail) has sold 1,645,000 copies in Japan.



The chart above gives us an interesting look at how Minecraft: PlayStation Vita edition has performed, with the white parts representing the digital purchases and red for retail purchases, and the black line for total sales.

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