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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s Faith Is Proud And Daring, Young And Carefree


Following the full reveal of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst yesterday, DICE and Electronic Arts have shared further details on the game’s story and setting via its official website.


As previously reported, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will serve as an origin story for Faith. In this game, Faith is described as a Runner living off the grid. She’s proud and daring, young and carefree, and tends to take on the toughest runs, working as a burglar, courier, and corporate spy. At some point in the game, a reckless choice brings her into the sights of a ruthless Conglomerate that rules Glass City.


This Conglomerate is made up of a number of powerful corporations, and its influence has led the citizens of Glass City to give up personal freedoms in exchange for mindless entertainment and “pointless consumption”. Anyone that questions the Conglomerate is quietly removed from the equation—fear keeps people in check, and envy drives them.


Glass City is described is a character of its own—beautiful and stylized on the surface, but overrun with ugly truths on the inside. Since Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is an open-world game, you’ll be able to explore the city freely, from the tallest skyscrapers to the abandoned tunnels underneath. In order to navigate these spaces, Faith will need to make use of her skills, as well as a range of gadgets that that open up even more possibilities to her. DICE are introducing a new version of Runner’s vision that will help the player navigate the city.


The security arm of the Conglomerate, KrugerSec, led by Gabriel Kruger, is what Faith will find herself up against. Kruger is a proud man, devoted to preserving the current order in Glass City, and he does what it takes to protect it against any perceived threats. To Kruger, the ends justify the means, and he will sacrifice whatever or whoever he needs to, to accomplish his goals.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be released February 23rd, 2016 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Ishaan Sahdev
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