This Is How MMO Black Desert Looks On Minimum Graphics



Pearl Abyss’s upcoming and spectacularly beautiful MMO BlacK Desert has been a sight to behold when played with the graphics cranked up. How’s it look when everything is turned… down?


Surprisingly, not too bad! Sure, there’s obvious loss of textures and graphics, and shadowing is pretty basic. And those pools of water are way too flat. But on the whole, it’s not like it looks plug ugly.


If you want to compare this with a video showing the game running with a good chunk of stuff turned on, check out the older video above which we’ve previously talked about.


Finally, if you missed it, DAUM have announced that they will be publishing the game both in the EU as well as the USA eventually. They’re already publishing the Korean version as well.


Black Desert is scheduled for its third closed beta test some time in September, with open beta this winter.