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New Monark Trailer Reveals More of Its Story and Characters

Monark new trailer characters story

FuRyu released a brand new trailer for its upcoming title, Monark. This is the new JRPG being developed by former Shin Megami Tensei developers. The video showcased more Monark story scenes, as well as new footage of characters. The official Japanese site has been updated with this second PV trailer.

According to the cutscenes in the trailer, the school depicted at the beginning (known as Shin Mikado Academy) is surrounded by a mysterious Mist. It infects students and drives them mad, as seen with one unfortunate student whose eyes turn red as he clutches his head and screams. We then see shots of the various protagonists who can be chosen to form parties as they briefly delve into the roles they play in the story.

As revealed before, battles will be turn-based and allow for free commands. The main battle system is called EGO, tied to which of the seven deadly sins the protagonist is leaning towards. The alignment is affected mainly by the choices you make during the game. In turn, it will determine the type of demons, called “Underlings,” you can summon in combat. You can also increase madness to enhance the protagonist’s power. However if increased too, much he’ll go insane and rampage, attacking allies and foes indiscriminately.

Here is the new Monark trailer covering its story and some of its characters.

Monark will release in Japan for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch on October 14, 2021. NIS America also confirmed that the title will release globally in 2022, complete with an English localization and voiceovers.

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