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Why Monster Hunter 2’s Dondruma Town Is Back In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the higher-ranking quests in the game feature a new story that picks up after the Gore Magala story comes to an end. New quests based around this story take place in Dondruma Town, which was first featured in Monster Hunter 2 as that game’s online hub (similar to Port Tanzia in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate).


When we recently spoke with series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, we asked why the team specifically decided to bring Dondruma Town back after all this time.


“There’s a couple of reasons we decided to revisit that specific locale,” Tsujimoto replied. “It was the online lobby or meeting place online in Monster Hunter 2, so in a manner of speaking, you can no longer go back there in the real world today, [since the servers have been taken offline].”


“So, we wanted to bring it back from the dead, so to speak, partly because back in the Monster Hunter 2 days, there weren’t a whole lot of people playing Monster Hunter compared to now. So, A—there’s not a whole lot of people who’ve seen Dondruma before, and it’s going to be really fresh to them. And B—for those of us in development and everyone that enjoyed Monster Hunter 2, it should bring back some fond memories.”


Dondruma Town has seen an upgrade since its last appearance, though. In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Dondruma involves a new town defense-style quest where you have to ward off a monster invasion using ballistae, a mobile cannon, and a Dragonator. The moving cannon is built so you can move it around the arena and shoot several times in a row from two positions, each of which can be loaded with up to 10 cannonballs.


In multiplayer mode, if you do well, you can have other players reload one of the two positions while you operate the other. This will enable you to keep up your attack. Meanwhile, if you use the Dragonator, you’ll land critical damage. Capcom also included a neat feature where you’ll be able to use the giant cannon mounted higher up that is capable of destroying entire herds of smaller monsters.



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