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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Gets Voice Chat And Other Features From Latest Update



We’ve previously reported that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be seeing a voice chat feature through an update for the Wii U. Hunters in Japan just got it today along with some other new features.


Starting today, whenever you start up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, it will automatically update itself as long as it’s connected to a network.


The voice chat support will allow players to use the Wii U GamePad as a microphone or you can also connect your own headphone or headset to the GamePad, if you prefer. The Wii U microphone will also be connected by USB. You’ll have the option to hear the chat voices from either the GamePad or directly from the TV.


In addition to the voice chat support, the update made it possible for players to use their own USB keyboards, which can also be used as a chat input device.


Last but not least, they’ve also added the option of being able to use the Wii U GamePad’s  ZL and ZR buttons to change the camera angle. This update was done so it can feel closer to the controls of the Nintendo 3DS and XL’s Circle Pad pro.


These updates will be available to North American and European versions of the game as a day-one update patch.


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be released on March 19th, 2013.

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