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How Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s Gore Magala Makes You Go On The Offensive


One of the new monsters in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the Gore Magala, and it plays an important role in the game’s story as well as one of its main new features. Over on Capcom Unity, Capcom have provided some interesting details on how it fights.


The Gore Magala is actually blind, and to compensate for this, it scatters pollen-like scales around the environment in the form of black mist, which you’ll see on the field. This mist will affect any other large monsters that happen to inhale it.


If a monster inhales it, they’ll go berserk, becoming faster and stronger, and even capable of infecting you. If you get infected, a gauge will begin to fill, and if it fills up completely, you’ll take more damage when you get hit and lose your health recovery.


In order to free yourself of the virus, you need to go on the offensive and attack the monster, which will give you a temporary affinity boost instead, if you successfully clear the virus out of your system. The goal of this virus system appears to be to encourage players to take more risks and fight offensively.


You may recall that we mentioned this feature in some of our coverage of the original Monster Hunter 4. Some of the monsters that can get infected by this virus can be found here. And we’ve also covered the Gore Magala’s individual attacks in depth.


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