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Monster Hunter Rise Great Izuchi Concept Art Details Yokai Inspiration

Monster Hunter Rise Kamaitachi Concept Art

The official Monster Hunter Rise Twitter has uploaded concept art of the Great Izuchi. The Great Izuchi is one of four new monsters that will make their debut in the upcoming title. Revealed during the announcement of Monster Hunter Rise, this beast hunts in packs and is inspired by a specific yokai, or Japanese monster.

The Great Izuchi is a bird wyvern monster, similar to the Aknosom. However, the inspiration for this particular beast is the Japanese yokai known as the Kamaitachi. This bipedal monster’s tail has a curved hook, which can be found on other designs inspired by this mythical creature.

You can take a look at the concept art of the Great Izuchi from Monster Hunter Rise below.

Concept art of the Tetranadon and Aknosom was also recently shared through the official Twitter. The Tetranadon is inspired by the kappa, which seems appropriate considering its hefty turtle-like design. The inspiration for the Aknosom isn’t as exciting, even if the design is fairly interesting.

The official Monster Hunter Rise Twitter also shared footage of Palamute interactions. Players will be able to interact with this furry new companion in numerous ways. This includes being able to pet the Palamute, perform tricks, and even shake the Palamute’s paw.

Monster Hunter Rise will come to the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

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