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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Lunagaron Bares Its Fangs in Wallpaper

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Lunagaron

Capcom released a new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak wallpaper, this time featuring the Lunagaron. The Lunagaron is one of several new monsters that will appear in the paid expansion. The monster was shown during a trailer released during The Game Awards 2021 pre-show. However, Capcom has shared a new render of the monster with this wallpaper. Android and iOS users can download the wallpaper through the LINE SNS messaging app.

The only prerequisite is that you will need to friend the official Monster Hunter LINE account. Additionally, in order to have the wallpaper sent to your mobile device, you will need to send the Monster Hunter LINE account the following text, “モンハンライズ:サンブレイク壁紙4.” From there, you can simply download the wallpaper and use it on your device. Capcom previously released a Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Malzeno wallpaper through the same application.

While the Lunagaron and Malzeno will be entirely new additions to the franchise through the release of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, monsters from previous releases will appear too. This includes the Shogun Ceanataur. Additionally, the expansion will have more Silkbind attacks and feature a new receptionist character .

Monster Hunter Rise  is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC. Demos are available for both platforms. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will release in Summer 2022.

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