Monster Hunter Tri Debuts On NPD Top-20 Chart For April


Capcom have reason to be pleased. Although the company suffered a 73.1% drop in net income over the past year, the loss wasn’t without its upsides. The primary contributing factor, as covered in our report, was the delay of several high-profile titles originally set to launch during the first quarter of 2010. — titles that are now debuting in the new fiscal year and doing promising numbers already.


Monster Hunter Tri, for instance, debuted at #11 on the NPD chart for April 2010, right below Super Street Fighter IV on PS3. Since Super sold 143,000 units on PlayStation 3 and its Xbox 360 counterpart at #14 sold 108,000, Monster Hunter Tri’s numbers lie somewhere in between. Like Super, the game debuted toward the latter part of April, so the numbers only account for about 10 days on the market.


Given that Wii games have a tendency to sell consistently over a long period of time, Capcom’s efforts with Tri might have paid off, which is nice to see given how niche the franchise is. Overseas sales expectations for Monster Hunter Tri are in the range of 500,000 units.


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