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Monster Sanctuary New Game Plus and Difficulties on the Way

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People will have more to do in Monster Sanctuary starting in April 2021. Moi Rai Games announced multiple new features for the game, which are live now in the PC version and heading to consoles on April 20, 2021. Once people grab the Monster Sanctuary 1.1 patch, they’ll have access to New Game Plus, two more difficulty levels, and PVP updates. The latter two additions can be accessed without starting a new game.

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Before the patch, people only had access to what will be known as “Normal” going forward. The Monster Sanctuary Casual and Master difficulties will be available in Options after the update. Casual will make Keeper Encounters’ monsters equipment less strong and will make wild monsters slightly weaker. If someone goes with Master, the Keeper monsters’ equipment will go up a level and wild monsters will be slightly stronger.

The Monster Sanctuary PVP changes will come in the form of a new season and new matchmaking options. The new season will give people a chance to get rewards again. When matchmaking after updating to 1.1, the game will look at your PVP rating, equipment upgrade levels, and three highest level monsters in your current party as a whole. There will also be an extended search option for people who have a 1,300 rating or who have been searching for a match for a certain amount of time.

As for the Monster Sanctuary New Game Plus option, it will let you carry over any monsters you collected and equipment, though you don’t keep upgrades and your monsters will be at level 1 again. There will also be some limitations on their explore abilities and army donations until you reach certain points at the game. Items you can’t carry over, like the key items, level 40 badges, boxes, food, crystal shards, craft materials, and battle items, will instead increase your gold reserves in your new file.

Here are the monster balancing changes that will appear from the Monster Sanctuary 1.1 patch notes:

    Monster changes

  • Steam Golem: gains Multi Burn + Fire Shield, loses double impact
  • Sutsune: Dark Shift gets -1 base Defense
  • Spectral Toad: gains ‘Attack Plus’, loses ‘Combo Buffing’, Light Shift gets -1 base Health
  • Qillin: gains ‘Punishment’ + ‘Multi-shock’ + ‘Health Plus’, loses ‘Double Impact’
  • Crystal Snail: gains ‘Aging’ + ‘Observe’ + ‘Volatile Shield’ + ‘Critical Break’ + ‘Sabeteur’s Shield’ + ‘Multi Poison’ + ‘Restoring Shield’, loses ‘Earth Affinity’ + ‘Defense Overload’ + ‘Mass Protector’ + ‘Channeling Balance’ + ‘Shieldcast’
  • Ninki Nanka: gains ‘Assistance’ + ‘Multi Sidekick’ + ‘Supply’ + ‘Healing Shield’ +1 base Mana, loses ‘Combo Buffing’ + ‘Mana Focus’ + ‘Transfusion’ + ‘Improved Mana Regen’
  • Ninki: gains +1 Base Mana
  • Vertraag: loses 1 instance of ‘Purify’
  • Troll: gains +1 base defense and -1 base attack
  • Promethean: gains ‘Chain Reaction’ now
  • Changeling: gains ‘Hexed Touch’ and ‘Death Blow’, loses ‘Mana Plus’ and ‘Defense Plus’
  • Akhlut: Has all 5 tiers of ‘Heal’ now, gains ‘Observe’ and his shift stat bonuses got newly reallocated
  • Vodinoy: Is a ‘Warrior’ in addition to its other types now
  • Toxiquus: Both shifts get +1 base Mana
  • Yowie: gains ‘Protector’ and ‘Purify’, loses ‘Transfusion’
  • Goblin King: gains ‘Crit Chance Plus’ and two ‘Crit Damage Plus’
  • Magmamoth: Dark shift gains +1 base attack and +1 base magic, Light shift got +1 base attack
  • Elderjel: loses -1 Base Mana, gains +1 Base Mana on Light shift
  • Imori: Gains Toxic Slash, loses Blessed Strike

    Skill & equipment changes

  • ‘Armory’ now increases all stats of accessories of warriors (except secondary effects)
  • ‘Weaponry’ now increases all stats of weapons of warriors (except secondary effects), value increased to 25% (from 15%)
  • ‘Poison Eater’ also counts as a heal action now, but the additional hits only do 20% damage now (instead of 30%)
  • ‘Magic Attack’ damage increased to 6*60% (from 6*50%)
  • ‘Cookie Mushroom’ damage bonus increased to 3% (from 2.5%)
  • Decreased ‘Scythe’ damage and crit chance values slightly (end values: 200 attack, 225 magic, 7% crit chance, 25% crit damage)
  • ‘Katana’ has slightly increased attack and crit chance values now (end values: 200 attack, 15% crit chance, 20% crit damage)
  • ‘Hook’ and ‘Harp’ now grant full heal / heal bonus when equipped in the off hand (this makes all weapons provide full secondary effect when equipped in the offhand now)
  • ‘Large Shield’ now provides full defense value when equipped in the off hand
  • ‘Curse Chain’ debuff spread chance reduced to 35% (from 40%)
  • ‘Blood Magic’ values reduced slightly to 35%/35% (instead of 40%/40%)
  • ‘Bleed’ damage against wild monsters now increases the execution score (by half the amount normal damage does)
  • ‘Combat Guard’ damage reduction value increased to 7.5% (from 5%)
  • ‘Magnetize’ redirect chance reduced to 25% (from 35%) but the chance increases when the attacker has multiple shocks (by 12.5% for every additional shock)
  • ‘Electrolytes’ buff remove chance increased to 75% (from 50%)
  • ‘Polluted Water’ debuff bonus increased to 10% (from 8%)
  • ‘Assault Shield’ shield value increased to 30% (from 25%)
  • ‘Shadow Proc’ damage increased to 75% (from 60%)
  • ‘Enlighten’ shift passive, ‘Shared Sorcery’ and other share buff passives now share the buff even when the sharing monster is already capped out on that buff.
  • ‘Hexed Touch’ debuff chance increased to 40% (from 35%)
  • ‘Optimal Performance’ damage reduction and debuff resistance reduced to 10% (from 15%)
  • Oculus ‘Intelligent Swarm’ reverted back to have 75% chance to apply a charge stack (instead of 100%)

Monster Sanctuary is available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Its 1.1 patch is out on PCs now and will come to consoles on April 20, 2021.

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