Capcom showed off a bunch of returning monsters and new monster sub-species that will be in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate at a “hunting carnival” event in Akihabara this week. 4Gamer were at the event and reported back with details and photographs if you’re curious.


As always, director Kaname Fujioka and producer Ryozo Tsujimoto were present to discuss the game. Joining them were comedians Yoshiyuki Hirai and Tetsuya Yanagihara of the “America Zarigani” comedy duo. You may remember Hirai as the director of Level 5’s Weapon Shop de Omasse.


Following the event, Capcom sent out a press release highlighting some of the new sub-species and returning monsters that you’ll find in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Some of these were revealed in the new trailer that was streamed via Nintendo Direct on Friday, but now we have screenshots.


Najarala sub-species:

najarala_02 najarala_03



Zamtrios sub-species:


zamtrios_02 zamtrios_03



Kecha Wacha sub-species:


kechawacha_sub_02 kechawacha_sub_03 kechawacha_sub_04 kechawacha_sub_05


Tetsucabra Sub-species:

tetsu_sub_02 tetsu_sub_03



Seltas Queen sub-species:

seltasq_sub_01 seltasq_sub_03


Seltas sub-species:

seltas_sub_02 seltas_sub_03



Nerscylla sub-species:


Meanwhile, Capcom also confirmed that Diablos, Daimyo Hermitaur, Cephadrome and Monoblos will all be returning in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Screenshots of these monsters can be found below.



diablos_02 diablos_03 diablos_04 diablos_05


Daimyo Hermitaur:

daimyo_02 daimyo_03




cephadrome_02 cephadrome_03




monoblos_01 monoblos_02 monoblos_03 monoblos_04


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be released in Japan on October 11th. North America and Europe will see the game in early 2015.


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