More Treasure goodness coming to the Virtual Console in the near future


aliensoldier.png The latest update to the ESRB website reveals some exciting new games that are coming to the Wii's Virtual Console service. First is Bubble Bobble, the classic NES puzzler from Taito starring Bub and Bob, two unbearably cute dinosaurs that shoot bubbles from their mouths.


Next is Shining Force II, the sequel to Sega's Genesis SRPG that was released on the VC earlier this year.


Finally, and most excitingly, Alien Soldier. Developed by Treasure and released in Europe and Japan for the Mega Drive in 1995, Alien Soldier is a run and gun sidescroller that features Treasure's trademark insane boss battles and frantic action, as well as 25 levels and 31 bosses. Oh, and it's HARD. Crazy hard. Alien Soldier's release on the NA Virtual Console is notable because it will mark the first time it has ever been released in the US in any form. Nintendo must have finally realized the huge demand for Treasure games on the Virtual Console. Now just give us Mischief Makers and I'll be happy!