Mozart’s musical adventure game


It’s more than obvious that adventure games are experiencing a Renaissance of sorts. Sam and Max are definitely leading the way, the DS is bringing point-and-click action to buses everywhere, the traditional PC scene is getting much needed injections of quality, the Wii promises some Agatha Christie action and now Mozart will get all musical with the genre, hopefully bringing happiness to those tormented souls still waiting for a musical adventure since Loom. Provided of course them tormented souls care more for historically inspired situations than stories set in a whimsical fantasy universe. Anyway.


Mozart, a rather traditional point-and-click adventure just announced by Micro Application and set to be released towards the end of 2007, will be a quasi-historical game centered around Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and set in beautiful Prague. Expect some stunning graphics, quite a few musical puzzles and a classical soundtrack. For now, have a look at the game’s official website. Oh, and wonder on what is happening to Metronome.