Mrh? Graaagh! Here’s the Zombie MMO



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There’s one thing that PCs can definitely do better than them consoles, and that’s providing us with free games. Tons of them, really, and quite a few are way above average and quite a bit on the quirky side of things too. Take Urban Dead for example. It is as simple and intuitive as a point-and-click turn-based game can be, it’s an MMORPG, it’s got action points (50/day, really, with which you can do stuff, such as attacking, moving, talking etc), has a rather interesting and definitely lively community, features a huge playing area and gives you the option of being either a Zombie or an almost lucky survivor in a definitely down on its luck and undead infested city. Urban Dead is also the first browser-based game that allows you to go all Graagh, Graaagh! and Brnhr, while also offering an impressively deep and very British gaming experience.


Now, obey your undead-loving impulses. Visit urbandead.com, pick one of the nine available classes, create a character and have a try. It will be worth it.