The Pokémon Company has officially revealed Hoopa Unbound, the “truest” form of the mythical Pokémon Hoopa, which is headed to Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Hoopa was originally discovered in the code for Pokémon X and Y by hackers.


While details on how to obtain Hoopa are not yet available, The Pokémon Company says it is the 720th Pokémon in the Pokédex, and that its “unbound” form has the power to bend dimensions using its rings. After transforming into Hoopa Unbound, Hoopa grows larger and gains six arms. Here are its stats:


  • Category: Djinn Pokémon
  • Type: Psychic/Dark
  • Height: 21’04” [6.5 m]
  • Weight: 1,080.3 lbs. [490.0 kg]
  • Ability: Magician


Details on how to meet Hoopa will be announced sometime in the future. Hoopa will also be featured in the next Pokémon movie.


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