In October of 2010, we reported that Florida-based n-Space, known best for the Nintendo DS versions of Call of Duty games and GoldenEye, and Wii/DS versions of Tron: Evolution, had let a large portion of their staff go after a publishing deal fell through.


At the time, n-Space co-founder, Dan O’Leary, had stated that, while the company was going through a rough time, he looked forward to share n-Space’s future accomplishments with fans, hinting that the studio wasn’t entirely dead.


Today, we finally have a good idea of what shape n-Space are in. O’Leary updated the company’s official blog with a new post, detailing his studio’s current state and their future plans. Following a rebuilding effort, n-Space are at an employee count of 60 and climbing. O’Leary says the company has re-hired as many of its old employees as possible, as well as several new ones.


n-Space presently have three games in development for the Nintendo 3DS, one game for the Nintendo DS, and a fourth for the Kinect. More details on these titles will be revealed during the run-up to E3.


O’Leary also reveals that n-Space will soon be rolling out plans for employee profit sharing and stock options, and that he’s planning an upcoming retreat to reward his studio for their hard work and support.


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